【Speedpaint】 Sunrays (Hyan Timelapse #324)

Hyanna Natsu

Colored sketch bust commission 2/2 for Dreamy-Nightshade

I love love the mix of black and blue!
And shading black is one of my favorite colors as usual * W*)
Her teal eyes are like jewel ♥

Timelapse: ~12x speed
Original time: 1h 45min
Finished drawing: soon on dA!
Character belongs to Dreamy-Nightshade@deviantART

★*・.。✧ *:・゚✧ Hyanna Natsu (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

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*・.。✧ *:・゚✧★*・.。✧ *:・゚✧・.。 *:・゚✧★*・.。✧

Drawing program: Paint Tool SAI
Tablet Gaomon M106K
Recording: Open Broadcaster Software
Video editing and post-processing: AviSynth scripts
Encoding: MeGUI

Songs used, from “Natsuzora Orchestra” by Nayuta:
00:00 – キミヅキ。
01:53 – 立夏。キキョウ


  1. eeeee this is so good!! your my biggest inspiration ><

  2. I really love the shadow on her~~i’m not really sure how to add highlight and shadow on black hair (although it looks like purple? anyways i mean dark color >_<), but now i learned it from you Hyanna ! Thank you for that and good job as always !

  3. Yes I’m the 177th view

  4. So cute ^^ ♥

  5. Hewwo~! I’m here yet again~ The combination of this girl is great! I love black and blue UwU And teal eyes are cute! OwO

    Seeing what’s the poll about triggered me about when I almost drowned as a child, thus making me fear of swimming in deeper than 1 meter water ;v; And I can’t even learn to swim because whenever I try to, I just remember the times when I almost drowned and stopped trying to swim TwT

  6. I’ve been trying to draw like you but I got a looooooong way before I can make a master piece like you. Wish you the best ♥ your art is too beautiful to be hated, I’ll love your art till the end. Have a great day! Love, potatos around the world

  7. I’m Vietnamese so I don’t good at English.
    I really like all the characters who paint

    • Hello

    • I just want to say, good job! You spelled every word correctly! Your word choices needs some improvement but I’m sure you’ll get there

  8. Trick for draw body and hands pls

  9. Wow <'3

  10. Nice!!It’s beautiful

  11. In a way is it feels angelic! The blues blend greatly with the black. I can see how much care and craftsmanship you put in your art! The sun blazing unto the character feels warm and bright compared to the cold colors of the character which may imply that the character mayhas a happy outlook on life as well as a sunny disposition! Though I can never be quite sure since I don’t know the character hehe
    Very beautiful as always hyan-tan <33

  12. I really think the clothes are so beautiful! You are such an inspiration to me uwu

  13. Why u so GOOD?!

  14. super cute <3 <3 ♥

  15. Amazing job Hyan!!!