【Speedpaint】 Lively Heart (Hyan Timelapse #313)

Hyanna Natsu

Hyanshading chibi commission for TysunamiWolf

I rarely work with dark palettes so I got really interested on drawing and coloring this girl * W*)
Also I love when dark is mixed with something light, like gold there, it is so elegant!
My favorite part there is probably the ruffles on the dress, so pleasing to create layers and volume with them~
I sure take my sweet time to color these chibis, and I’m not sure if I’m over-complicating them – w- maybe I should start doing them simpler, because that’s how I prefer chibis to be 9 w9

Timelapse: ~12x speed
Original time: 6h 20min
Finished drawing: soon
Character belongs to TysunamiWolf

★*・.。✧ *:・゚✧ Hyanna Natsu (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

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*・.。✧ *:・゚✧★*・.。✧ *:・゚✧・.。 *:・゚✧★*・.。✧

Drawing program: Paint Tool SAI
Tablet Gaomon M106K
Recording: Open Broadcaster Software
Video editing and post-processing: AviSynth scripts
Encoding: MeGUI

Songs used, from “Garnet Bride” by CarrotWine & Yura Hatsuki:
00:00 – Garnet Bride [血婚葬送曲] 08:55 – Labyrinth [迷えし者に闇を] 14:31 – Nocturne [月の舞踏会] https://carrotwine.bandcamp.com/album/garnet-bride-alucard-project


  1. Nice! Keep it up!

  2. I think you should make a video about 20 styels challenge

  3. just got the notification. heck yeh this looks great.

  4. Hey guys,do you remember that hyanna hasn’t been online? Well now she’s online,she can now draw free and she’s always the best!

  5. wahhhhh

  6. It’s always coincidental for me to watch your videos early, my notification isn’t even on?

  7. Early UwU

  8. This art remember me about Gacha Life with no reason :v

  9. Love your art so muchzz!! X)

  10. Always the best

  11. I really like the colors for this drawing, they really complement each other! Keep up the great work Hyanna! Your art just keeps getting better with every amazing speedpaint ( ^ω^ )

  12. Hi Hyan :’>
    I was a bit depressed earlier–not because of some sasuke betrayal arc lol. It was the point of life. Seeing this made me drive away some sadness cause I’m too shy to ask for advice from family cause everyone might think I’m edgy… Anyways, this gives me a cheerful heart. Even just for a short time 🙂

    This dark coloring matches me rn haha should I draw some vent oc or idk?

  13. Wow! Im early!

  14. so beautiful, i love this

  15. Wao! Very pretty

  16. I thought this was a gacha edit-